Mary Lore

Rec Coach

Coach Mary Lore is a USAG-certified coach with 1.5 years experience coaching all levels of gymnastics including some Team as well as Tumbling. She also has approximately 5 years of experience in nutrition and fitness coaching including Cardio, High-Intensity Interval Training, Running, Weight Lifting, Mixed Martial Arts, Pilates and Yoga! Mary has a personal background in dance, gymnastics, karate, and cross-country running. For fun, she loves hiking in the mountains, horseback riding, rock climbing, reading, painting, learning new skills, and conquering new challenges. Mary says, “What motivates me as a gymnastics coach is my love of gymnastics and passion for all things fitness. I love helping kids build confidence, push themselves to accomplish new gymnastics skills, progress to higher levels, and go on to achieve great things!”

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