Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics classes are intended to provide a safe and fun environment for children ages six and older to learn the fundamental  gymnastics skills on each Olympic event, as well as our trampoline and tumble-track.  With safety in mind, each student is guided through the skills  with emphasis on strength, flexibility, body position, and coordination to  provide a foundation to advance to more challenging levels. Gymnasts are evaluated on an ongoing basis, allowing coaches to plan lessons to meet students needs. Our instructors provide a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages each gymnast to reach their fullest potential, and leave class with a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Girls Beginner

This introductory one hour class will focus on the building blocks of gymnastics skills, with an emphasis on body awareness, balance, and developing strength. Students will learn basic skills on all four women’s events, as well as terminology, safety, and listening skills.

Girls Intermediate

This one hour class will build upon the skills developed in the beginner class, with an increased emphasis on developing flexibility, body tightness, and power. Gymnasts will  use their strength and coordination to master new skills, while building confidence on each apparatus. A skills evaluation is required for enrollment.

Girls Advanced 

Our Advanced class meets for two hours, and requires an ability to listen and focus, while still having fun. Gymnasts will further develop their strength and flexibility, while maintaining proper body positions, leading to mastery of more advanced skills on each event.  A skills evaluation and coach recommendation is required for enrollment.


Each student enrolled in our boys gymnastics classes will receive instruction on all six Men’s Olympic Events (Floor, Vault, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar and Rings) as well as our trampoline and tumble-track. An emphasis on body awareness, flexibility, and strength allows students to learn basic gymnastics skills, and build on that foundation.


Our Cheer Program is geared towards cheerleaders who desire to become better tumblers. This is a loosely structured 1 hour class that requires stretching and conditioning to help cheerleaders achieve their tumbling goals. Each class is 1 hour, with the option to enroll in additional classes each week.