Gymnasts are expected to be on time for class.

Gymnasts should not arrive more than 15 minutes early for their class and must be picked up no more than 15 minutes after class. Gymnasts should stand behind wall or in cubby room to wait for their class to begin.

Children are not allowed in the parking lot without a parent. Please escort your child to and from your car.

Gymnasts are asked not to bring jewelry or other valuables. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

No food, drink, gum, or candy in the gym area. Food and drinks are permitted in the parent area but please clean up after yourself. Smoking in the gym is not permitted by any person.

Attire: All girls should wear comfortable clothing such as shorts and T-shirt, preferably a leotard. Boys, T-shirt and shorts. No snaps, buttons, or zippers. No loose or baggy clothing and no jewelry.

Long hair must be tied back out of the eyes with something soft. If their hair reaches their eyes, it must be pulled back. Please do not wear hard, bulky, or elaborate hair accessories.

No one (including parents) is allowed in gym area including mats, lower gym, or other equipment unless permitted by an instructor. No shoes permitted in gym areas.

To receive our 15% monthly discount payments are due before the 7th of every month. If you are dropping lessons, you must fill out a drop form or you will be charged for the next month’s lessons.

Classes are priced by the month not by the lesson. In the calendar year, months vary between 4-5 weeks. We do not charge more for months containing 5 weeks and we do not charge less for absences. If for some reason we are closed, tuition is not pro-rated you may either schedule a make- up lesson or attend an Open Gym time (free of charge).

Rates are not reduced for absences. If you will have a planned absence you must let us know ahead of time and we will try to schedule a make-up lesson with another class if available or offer an hour of Open Gym time.

Information on unexpected gym closures will be announced on our website and the phone answering machine. Other information will be posted on a bulletin board in the gym.